How to have a healthy vacation

How to have a healthy vacation


We’ve all been there before, you go on a wonderful vacation and come back heavier, sore and sometimes even sick. I get it, we all want to have fun and enjoy ourselves. And yes, I (Dr. Levi) have been there before. Through personal experience and insight from others, here are a few tips to help you not only enjoy your next vacation but to come home in one piece and still be able to fit in your clothes.

Water-Drink water on the plane, in the car, when you first wake up, throughout the day, etc. Dehydration is very common on vacation and can easily lead to overeating, sore joints and illness.

Veggies-have some veggies on hand to eat with every meal. Order veggies on the side with every artichoke dip, queso sauce or guacamole. You’ll consume fewer tortilla chips and pita bread if you use vegetables with the dips.

Walk/Exercise-Many people do great with extra walking on vacation but be intentional about getting some regular exercise. Whether it be a walk on the beach, climb up & down a hotel stairwell for 20-30 minutes (my favorite!), or even find a gym to use daily, there should be plenty of options wherever you are.

Mobility Props (Pictured)-got any resistance bands, lacrosse balls or foam rollers? Bring them! Whatever is lightweight and fits in your bag will be worth bringing.

Intravenous Vitamin therapy-elective IV’s are a newer way to boost your immune system and recover from traveling (and also athletic events, pregnancy & illness). A simple web search should locate a clinic that does this therapy for you. It can get pricey but so is being sick after already being off work from vacation. Schedule one ahead of time for when you return home to help optimize your immune system.