Resolutions, Goals and Action Steps

How are your resolutions going? Did you even make any? Most resolutions fail because they are too aggressive, focus on the wrong things or are often “negative based.” For example, I’m not going to eat sugar or I’m going to work out every day are difficult to sustain. Once the first birthday party or big football game comes up, it’s easy to relapse on the diet. Same with the next big snowstorm preventing you from going to the gym. Also, we often try to do too much in January when we’re still recovering from the holidays. That’s why I waited until now to share this post because we’re in a better headspace to commit to forming new habits.

So, where to start? Throw the resolutions out the window and start with a goal. One thing that would make your life better. From that goal, think of three action steps you need to do to hit that goal.  For example, say your goal is to have more energy. Three action steps could be to get up at the same time, drink the correct amount of water and move (walk, yoga, jump on a mini trampoline) for 15 minutes each day. Or a bigger goal could be to run a 10K race six months from now. Three action steps would be to commit to a training plan, find an appropriate nutrition plan and see your chiropractor regularly to minimize injuries and improve your gait 😊.

Regardless of your goal, breaking it down into simple, attainable action steps that focus on a positive behavior will set you up for success. What about me (Dr. Levi)? Did I make any goals this year? As a matter of fact, I did! My goal is for more energy and focus. My action steps are waking up at the same time every day, complete a 45-day sugar detox and to read every day. How did I do? Well, I have been great with waking up, good with reading and horrible with the sugar. I fell victim to setting unattainable goals and trying to do too much. I also learned that I’m better at reading in the morning than at night. I tweaked my nutrition plan to make it more positive and hopefully February goes better than January. Even with suboptimal success in my action steps, I’m already seeing marked improvements in my energy and focus.

Don’t be afraid to re-visit both your goal and action steps and make changes in your daily routine to help you succeed. And, of course, tell your family, friends or even your health care providers and don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice.