Join me for a 10-day health reset!

What is a health reset? An opportunity to get back on track with healthy habits. Focus on just one change in each of the three health categories: physical, emotional and nutritional. The best part is you decide what to do! Anything goes as long as it promotes health and is not something you already do daily.

For example, a beginner plan could be to walk 20+ minutes, cut out all liquid calories and read for 20-minutes each day for the ten-day period. A more moderate plan would be to do a yoga class (online or in person), refrain from all sugar (including artificial sweeteners) and pray or meditate each day. An aggressive plan could entail a high intensity interval workout, a cleanse-type diet consisting of no sugars, grains or dairy and going on a “media fast” (no news or social media).

Interested? Look at your calendar and map out a time frame for when you are most likely to succeed. Tell a friend (including us!) and think of a reward for yourself if you complete it. Not a sweet treat, something health & wellness related like a massage, new pair of tennis shoes or even a fit bit.