3 Tips to Stay Healthy this Fall

Don’t let the cooler temperatures and diminishing sunlight hinder your health. Try our top 3 tips to stay healthy this fall so you can enjoy all that the season has to offer! Breathe: In through the nose until the lungs are full and hold for 5 seconds.  Exhale completely and repeat for 3 full breaths. […]

Summer Health Tips

Summer Health Tips When you live in the Midwest, you live for summer. And dealing with a nagging health issue is the last thing you want to worry about. Follow our top five tips to stay happy and healthy this summer! Don’t let your sunscreen drag you down. Many commercial sunscreens contain harmful neurotoxins and […]

Spring Health: 5 Tips to Feel Great!

Spring Health: 5 Tips to Feel Great! Springtime is full of optimism, excitement and new beginnings. Just like we take the time to clean out our living and working space, we need to take this time to clean out our body and mind. Follow our top five tips to get the most enjoyment out of […]

3 Mobility Indicators of Early Death

3 Mobility Indicators of Early Death.  It’s common practice to look at blood pressure, cholesterol levels* and body mass index as part of a health evaluation but what about mobility indicators that affect your longevity? Here is a summary of three major indicators that can predict premature death and what you can do about it. […]

Stretching Series Video Guide

Stretching Series Video Guide. Use this index for your resource on our short video series. Each video contains one to four stretches to help a specific region of the body. For a more comprehensive stretching routine, try our 7-Minute Daily Stretch.   Neck/Shoulder Series 1: Shoulder Circles, Straight Shoulder & Floor Angels Neck/Shoulder Series 2: […]