5 Must-Have Mobility Props

5 Must-Have Mobility Props.
Adding movement to your day to day activities is as easy as walking more, sitting on the floor instead of a couch and carrying your child on a hike instead of using a baby carrier. But most of us have restrictions and old injury that limit our mobility, function and ultimately, our health and well-being. Props are a beneficial tool to help your body move in different ways or introduce loads to minimize restrictions and promote healing. Here are our top 5 recommended props and how to best use them:
Half Round– Half rounds, or domes, provide the stability of a foam roller but in a fixed position. They’re a great way to stretch your calves, feet or even provide heel support for a modified squat. Keep one in both your home and workplace and use often. Calf/foot tension is often the root cause of many musculoskeletal issues!
Reflexology board– Reflexology boards provide instant soothing relief of foot soreness, releases stress and tension and stimulate reflexology pressure points on the bottom of your feet. Stand on these at home when working in the kitchen or at work with a standing workstation. Try 30 seconds at a time at first and move around to increase mobility between all 26 bones in the foot.
Stability Disc– Stability discs can be used to sit on at work or in the car to improve posture and alleviate spinal strain. You can also stand on them to enhance core function. Children with sensory issues often see improvements when sitting on these in the classroom.
Yoga Ball– Exercise balls promote strength, agility and balance. Use them for squats, abdominal work or just to sit on in your living room.
Pull Up Bar– Can’t do a pull-up? No problem! Hanging provides a great load on your body to improve shoulder function, minimize spinal tension, improve grip strength and open up the rib cage. Time yourself each week with a goal to hang longer and change your grip often. And yes, if you can do a pull-up, do them, lots of them with variable grips.