When Kids Get Sick; 5 Tips for a Speedy Recovery.

When Kids Get Sick; 5 Tips for a Speedy Recovery.
Nothing can be more painful than watching your little one(s) suffer when they’re sick. Fortunately, when following several natural health remedies, you can shorten the duration of the illness so they can get back to being themselves as soon as possible. Here are our top five tips for a quick recovery:
1. Heavy Doses of Vitamins: Vitamins C & D are staples to keep around the house and should be administered at first sight of illness. Elderberry syrup is easy for kids to take and is a strong anti-viral agent. Congaplex is an incredible immune supporting multi-vitamin that comes in a great tasting chewable tablet. Probiotics also come in a chewable form and help the healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract. Finally, slippery elm works great to heal and soothe the intestinal tract.
2. Use Kid Safe Essential Oils: Specifically, geranium helps as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, immune stimulant and with allergies. Grapefruit can combat stomach issues. And use cypress for colds, coughs and a decongestant. Either diffuse in their room, mix with coconut oil and rub on their chest and feet or apply a couple drops in their bath to help them reap the benefits. For older children, Frankincense, oregano, lemon and tea tree will also provide immune support. Another great option is Plant Therapy.
3. Epsom Salt Bath: The magnesium found in Epsom Salt will help sooth achy bodies and reduce inflammation. Try one cup in a warm bath making sure the salts are fully dissolved before your child gets in. Also, feel free to add a couple drops of any of the previously mentioned oils.
4. Skin to Skin: Babies especially benefit from skin to skin contact from mom or dad. This helps regulate temperature, reduces pain and has a calming effect on the child.
5. Hydration: Make sure your child has plenty of water and they are going to the bathroom regularly (clear to straw colored urine). When needed, give them a homemade electrolyte drink or even a popsicle to replace vital minerals.
*Bonus Tip, get adjusted to improve circulation, drainage and lymphatic flow. Most parents who bring their children in when sick report a quicker recovery.
**Although it’s common practice to give a sick child, especially with a fever, Tylenol (acetaminophen) to help them recover quicker, this office does not recommend the practice. A fever is the body’s natural way of killing viruses and producing antibodies. Reducing a fever with medication allows the virus to live longer and prolongs the illness. It also diminishes antioxidant levels in the body making it harder for the body to detoxify. The child may seem better because their fever has reduced but they can still be harboring viruses, infect others and negatively affect their body’s response to their next illness. When given after a vaccine, Tylenol can prevent their body from detoxifying additives found in the shots which can cause other health issues later in life. Only use medication as a last resort and always seek out medical attention when a fever reaches 104 degrees, your child is incoherent or you suspect severe dehydration.