Stretching Series Video Guide

Stretching Series Video Guide.

Use this index for your resource on our short video series. Each video contains one to four stretches to help a specific region of the body. For a more comprehensive stretching routine, try our 7-Minute Daily Stretch.


Neck/Shoulder Series 1: Shoulder Circles, Straight Shoulder & Floor Angels

Neck/Shoulder Series 2: Neck Range of Motion, Rhomboid Push-up, PostureMedic brace

Neck/Shoulder Series 3: Katy Bowman’s “Paint the Globe”

Lower Back/Hip Series 1: Calf Stretch, Hip Openers, Sitting Cross Legged, Quadriceps

Lower Back/Hip Series 2: Spinal Twist, Modified Child’s Pose, Modified Pigeon, Tailor’s

Lower Back/Hip Series 3: Pelvic Tilts, Founder by Foundation Training, Modified Squats

Foot Series 1: Calf Stretch, Roll the Foot with Ball

Foot Series 2: Reflexology Board, Sit on Heels, Toe Spacing

Kids Series: Healthy Spine, Healthy Mind, a 12 exercise series to help with mobility, balance and brain-body communication.