Our Process

  1. Schedule a Visit: It’s easy. Just click on the “Schedule a Visit” button found throughout our website. Fill in the information and we will contact you for an appointment time. We try to get new patients in within 24-48 hours, often times the same day so you can start feeling better soon! If you want to give us a call instead, you can reach us at 616-604-0744 and our office staff will be happy to help.
  2. Get Assessed: Your first visit is all about assessing your current condition. Dr. Pulver will review your health history and go through a number of functional tests to identify if we can help you and to track your progress. Next, Dr. Pulver will perform a thorough examination of the spine and surrounding muscles. Depending on whether X-rays are needed, you may receive your first adjustment. This visit takes approximately one hour.
  3. Together, We’ll Make a Plan: At your second visit Dr. Pulver will present you with a detailed analysis of your condition and a specific-to-you plan to meet your needs. This will also include things to do at home for you to get the most out of your care. You can discuss any questions or concerns and then get started with an adjustment so you can get back to living your life and doing the things you love! This visit takes approximately 20 minutes.