5 Tips For a Fun and Healthy Beach Day

5 Tips for a Fun & Healthy Beach Day

What makes a fun beach day? The sun shining, sandcastles and a good beach read tops many lists. What ruins a fun beach day? Sunburn, hunger and being unprepared are things most people have experienced at some point or another. Here are some tips to make your beach days memorable for all the right reasons.
1. Protect your skin – Our favorite sunscreens are non-toxic and safe for everyone in the family. We recommend Badger sunscreen and re-applying every 2 hours. Rash guards and bathing suit coverups are helpful for protecting sensitive skin. A beach umbrella is also useful for alternating between sun and shade.

2. Stay hydrated – It’s easy to forget to drink enough water when you’re busy having fun at the beach. However, between the heat from the sun and energy being exerted while playing, it is extremely important to stay hydrated to keep the body working properly. Remember to not only pack those water bottles but be drinking from them!

3. Snack wisely – Avoid hunger pains and sugar meltdowns by packing snacks that are nutritious and travel well. Beef sticks, nuts and trail mix, mandarin oranges and cut up veggies are all easy options to pack and easy for little hands to hold at the beach.

4. Move – Play in the waves, walk along the beach or join a game of sand volleyball. The beach offers many ways to get your body moving and having fun at the same time. Bonus – if you get hot, just run in to the water to cool off! It’s wise to drink extra water if you’re being active.

5. Rest and Relaxation – If you’re able to close your eyes, take a nap or just listen to the sounds around you. Take deep breaths and just rest. Bringing along a magazine or book to enjoy is also a wonderful way to relax.