Weathering the Storm

5 tips to Weather the Storm

The current state of our world looks pretty bleak. It’s easy get down on humanity or feel anxious all the time. By letting go of trying to control the things we cannot, we can each gain confidence with every passing day to provide hope that we will prevail.

Follow these health tips to help prevent illness and improve mental well-being:


Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day: Even just going for a brisk walk is enough to boost immune function and aide overall mobility.

Add a vegetable to every meal: Throw some spinach in scrambled eggs, add a salad to every lunch and roasted vegetables are a great add on to dinner. A favorite in the Pulver household is sauteed cabbage and onions seasoned to your preference. Add breakfast sausage, ground beef or even curry if needed.

Choose your media wisely: Reading and obsessing over the news can be demoralizing. Same with social media. Decide what you need to stay informed about and eliminate the rest.

Feed your soul daily: Take a minute to breathe deeply, journal, pray, FaceTime (don’t text) a friend, call a grandparent, read a book or even start a puzzle. Disconnect from technology so you can really connect with yourself and others!

Supplement when needed: Vitamins C, D and Zinc all provide health benefit to enhance immune resistance to viruses and bacteria. Contact us to see what you may benefit from the most!

Bonus tip: Get adjusted! Regular adjustments help with circulation, drainage and help your body function at its optimal level. Call today if you haven’t been in for a while.

*Pulver Chiropractic will remain open no matter what level of government shut down is in place due to chiropractic being deemed essential. We may have limited staff, hours or Dr. Tietze cover for Dr. Levi at times. Please contact us if you have any questions.